Friday, July 16, 2010

It figures

The zucchini knows.  That's all I can guess.  We're going out of town for the weekend, so it has to start fruiting in a large and sinister way.  I picked everything that was in the edible-size range (see picture below).  But I know when I get back on Sunday afternoon, the baseball bats will be waiting.

Got a small handful of haricot-vert sized beans from the purple bush beans.  That's my goal with them this year - pick very small beans for freezing and eat them on formal occasions.  Even if legumes are a bit dicey from the antinutrient standpoint (lectins and things), if the seeds are small, I'm hoping (no documentation to back it up) that they'll be less anti.  Regardless, we have a LOT of frozen beans from last year and the year before - all edible thanks to vacuum technology - so I need this year's lot to be different, or growing them at all is pointless.

Something is devouring the brussels sprout leaves.  They're starting to look like eyelet fabric.  I don't know what it is - couldn't see any obvious culprits - and I don't want to use insecticides on food, so they may end up feeding someone other than my family.

The late-planted tomatoes are producing more fruit.  They seem somehow grateful to be in a permanent home.  Wish I'd grabbed more of them; homemade tomato sauce is good stuff, and I have open space this year.

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